New Release - The "New Established" Hoodie

November sees a distinct change in the weather and, luckily for us, our new hoodies and sweatshirts are about to arrive just in time.

Our new Frodsham sweatshirts & Faulkner hoodies are ideal to keep you warm and stylish off the water and about town. These are our go-to mainstays and have been updated with a new design and are available in this season's must-wear colours.

frodsham-burgundy-sweatshirtfaulkner rowing hoodie

We've also updated a couple of classics, the Men's Sutton and the Women's Poulton sweatshirts. Adding stripes to the crew neck and collars with hints to vintage rowing fashion.

Sutton New Established SweatshirtHeather Grey Poulton Sweatshirt

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