It's Nearly Regatta Season, Time For The Training Camp

It's Nearly Regatta Season, Time For The Training Camp - Square Blades

If you're based in the UK (or, at least, the northern hemisphere) you'll be looking forward to the end of long erg sessions and the beginning of the regatta sprint season.

Traditionally Eights Head is the pinnacle head race and signifies the end of head season racing. While athletes have their eye on a well-earned party at Thames Rowing Club week or so off, the coach is already planning for the summer.

Welcome to the rowing training camp!

We all look forward to the week of intense training that helps us gain our sprint fitness, while improving squad morale and moving into small boats; after-all, who doesn't long for glass-like water ready to be chopped?!

Some squads are lucky and get to train in summer locations, and others more local.

However, with the training camps comes the ubiquitous training vest/t-shirt to prove you were there and that will be worn all summer until it fades beyond all recognition. Like a right of passage.

But, who, you might ask, could help you with your training kit needs? ah, hem.. cough.. wink...

Whether you're looking for a technical fabric or something more off-water cotton, get in touch via the contact form and we can help you out. Sadly, the kit won't improve your 2k time, but at least you'll look good doing it!

If you're off on a training camp, why don't you comment below to let us know where you're heading - we promise we won't be jealous... Well, OK, maybe a little!

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