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What makes it in to your kit bag? We speak to ex-Olympian Jack Beaumont, and Henley Rowing Club's Head of Rowing, Leon Redman about what they suggest as must-haves in their kit bag. We also let you in to a few secrets of our own kit bag.
"Enjoy" some hand crafted winter rowing machine workouts to keep the boredom at bay. Some cold classics as well as a few to spice things up.
Coaching offers a rare ulterior benefit and one that hundreds of rowers, and former rowers, indulge in. So we ask - why do coaches, coach?
We’ve all had that feeling where the thought of setting eyes on the grey machine is enough to make us run for the hills, but perhaps, when that mindset is present running for the hills is exactly what’s needed?
Rowing is a sport where high volumes of training are the norm. With diverse physiological demands placed on the body, it is essential that researched fuelling strategies are implemented to ensure optimal performance.
Why is it that some tasks seem desirable and worthy, whilst others seem a chore? We discuss the concept of motivation, especially during lockdown.
For those with aspirations of triumphing at an elite sporting level, the sacrifice of time and energy is demanded in return. Is it the unrelenting training that creates exceptional athletes?
As British Rowing enters Phase F, signifying the long-awaited return to crew rowing, a small sense of normality can be felt in boat clubs around the country.